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Mobile Broadband Laptop DealsAs the popularity of mobile broadband continues to increase, internet service providers are scrambling to offer better packages and deals to grow their customer base even more.

A fairly new incentive to grab mobile broadband customers has been the offer of a free laptop. The free laptop packages are bundled with a mobile broadband contract from between 12 to 24 months with various broadband speeds, and laptop models available.

The broadband providers that offer free laptop deals almost certainly require that a pay month mobile broadband contract is also taken out. There are a wide range of different laptop packages , with various download speeds and data usage limits in the bundles.

There are many broadband providers offering free laptop deals including 3, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse. Dependent on the length and type of mobile broadband contract there are some very ‘high end’ laptops available – they aren’t all just netbooks. But as you’d expect, the longer the contract length, and the greater the monthly payments, the better and more advanced the laptop will be.

Free laptop packages are a good idea for consumers looking to be more mobile with their internet usage but only have access to a desktop PC. the free laptop deals will cover the initial cost of the laptop, and you’ll just pay the monthly subscription charges for the length of the contract.

Here are the latest and most popular free laptop offers, voucher codes, and discounts!

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